Yes, certification is available for building products with current test reports and a qualifying plant inspection. Plants outside the United States will be inspected for the same quality management system requirements as for domestic plants.

Yes, if tested under standardized or codified wind uplift test procedures. Certifying an assembly under these standards to tested performance ratings is applicable.

No, if variations to the tested assemblies are not independently tested. Any variation to the tested assemblies must be justified through additional testing, and not through rational analysis or professional opinion. If rational analysis is needed to facilitate your objectives, then Evaluation Services are required.

Yes, initial and annual plant inspections by Nemo|cert. are required to maintain product certification.

Annual plant inspections by Nemo|cert. can also be used to support quality assurance requirements for approvals from other entities.

No, as an independent inspection agency accredited to ISO/IEC 17020, Nemo|cert. will conduct a plant audit but cannot influence the quality management system.

Nemo|cert. audits each plant once annually. If a production line is added after the inspection is performed, a second visit to audit the second line will be required.

The plant audit performed by Nemo|cert. is of the quality management system which controls the production process. The inspector will examine the process rather than the product, permitting the audit to be conducted regardless of production status.

Since the audit conducted by Nemo|cert. covers the quality management system for the plant, a new inspection will not be required if the new certified product is manufactured on the same production line.

If the new certified product is manufactured on a production line that has not been inspected, an additional line inspection by Nemo|cert. will be required.